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Breaking the Chains

Notes for Episode 23 The Rogues Tavern Talk  – Saloon Talk
Episode 23 of Shooting The Shit at the Rogues Tavern
Tavern Talk June-1-2021
Come on in out of the dark, settle down by the fire, have a drink and fall down some rabbit holes with us
Breaking the Chains
Helping you prepare what will you need to survive the upcoming calamities.
The Storm is coming and you need to prepare for what it will bring. Solar storms, Colder Weather, The New Normal, Mandela Effect, Prepare for Your Future NOW
As it was in the old west The Saloon/Tavern was the center of the community where everything got done.
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Show covers #currentevents all types of #homesteading from cooking to urban farming and gardening. We will be talking about the future of what The Rogues Tavern is and will become. We will be talking about cooking recipes what will be available at website and more..
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Our agenda is to talk about about how to protect you and yours in the coming years of trial that we are faced with.  You can read all the complete show notes at The Rogues Tavern and they include all the links we talk about during the show and more.
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I want to acknowledge The No Agenda Show the providers of inspiration and stolen sound clips .
Building a #UrbanForrest, Getting out camping, #Hunting trips to the Range and coming home to the city is what I do right now as I plan and create my future. Join me for the Journey into the unknown.
This is a journey I have been on for a while and I feel I need to share it in the hope that others will find some wisdom.
Time for the Spirituality
What if the Bible is not just a history but a warning of the cycles of the planet and since we are living in the conjunction of multiple cycles coming together all at once it is full of warnings.
We got our last episode blocked in North Korea, Syria, Iran, Cuba due to a song on one of the tick toc videos
Today's reading is from Special reading from  Romans 12 v 1 – 15
Todays special video
Hike Club for Men
Notes and links Primary show topic
Home Preps, Cooking, recipes
How To Properly Clean And Season Your Cast-Iron Cookware
30 Supplies for Pandemic Survival
The Threat Of Cashless Societies
6 Bug In Mistakes That You’re Probably Making Right Now
Making Your Own MREs at Home
An EMP Has Struck, What Is Your First Reaction?
Old-fashioned maple baked beans – when it's a little less warm I will be trying this recipe out.
Red, white, and blue cheesecake – cheesecake is soooooo good… but sooooooo evil…. especially for us lactose intolerant people out there… so mean…. I'll bet this tastes AWESOME too….
Burger Recipe – looking for a new taste to BBQ up? Try this out!
Gardening, Urban Farming
Planting, growing and harvesting Dill – Dill is a favourite in my house. Very useful article!
The New Religion of Science
Pope Francis launches 7-year action plan to foster ‘green' spirituality, economics, education
Science itself is dead, but the word is now a belief so hardcore engrained in us as a society that we don't tend to ask too many questions so long as there is some sort of ‘proof' offered to us, whether those be studies or ‘professionals' standing up to repeat the mantra of the powers that be.
*note: the ‘professional' in the video is continuously shaking her head no throughout her speech. Methinks that her head movements speak truth.*
Other Religion
Jewish Shemitah and world events
Deep Dive Subject
Amber to go on about stuff – this week memorial day things
Beautiful message on memorial day from Chris Pratt – I whole heartedly agree. I have always had greatest respect for the military.
Wow – Biden tells 1st, maybe 2nd grade girl that she looks 19 – Yay for going off script and hitting on babies! *shudder*
From the kids!!
Just watch. – totally worth it. lol
Just picture this person talking as a 14 year old, same stance, tone of voice, everything – talking to the 13 year old sibling. lol
Hot dog dance! – looks about right for teen boys hanging out.
Eat some chocolate-chocolate chip!! – Yup! That's the president of the USA for ya!
Hello Deer!! – don't see that every day!
What love is today – Yup, that seems to about sum it up these days.
English vs French in Canada – it really does seem like that with the automated voices eh?
First part and Second part of ‘Public School'
kids sent in stuffs – not funny, but interesting
News for kids – Actual news, found on tik tok…
You can launch your boats in Ontario now! – ‘Cause THAT'S useful for the general population….
Nanaimo, the satanic capital of canada! – Or so I have heard from many here while growing up.
Another BC shooting – Interesting how as it gets harder to get guns in canada, we wind up with more shootings.
Needle in every arm in Canada! – THAN you MIGHT get some basic human rights back. Like breathing air.
Video of getting a needle – WOW does it bleed!! I don't think shots are supposed to bleed that much….
Good point made by teen in US – about how lacking the teaching in schools is. And is kicked out for it.
Kids random conspiracy  stuff and random things
Amber's general conspiracy/random things.
Founder of BLM in ST. Paul resigns due to ‘learning the ugly truth' – Moving from BLM to Parent Union. That's a bit of a shift. Gotta say though, he sound's like he's gearing up for some sort of political appointment…
Sent into Amber
The insanity get worse
Was It Appropriate For My Boss, The Mayor Of My City, To Give Me A Sex Shop Gift Card For The Holidays, And Other Advice Column Questions
White, CEO men of Lockheed Martin are required to attend a 3 day course on how to be less white, and less male – this honestly reminds me of those camps gays and lesbians used to be sent to in order to ‘fix the condition'.
How is this okay…?
!!! THOSE EYES ARE FREAKING FREAKY!!! – I mean… her message about levelling out everyone to absolute equity is weird… and very condenscending the way she does it… Apparently her message is about fatphobia…. but those EYES…..
“Mary was a poor ‘single mom' and ‘colonized person living under roman oppression'” – say what? Now the woke defenders are preaching that the bible itself was already practicing Critical Race Theory and this weird lack of sexual organs thing we got going on.
They also try and say that Apostle Paul was ‘intersectional'…. Is it possible this many people were dropped on their heads as children?
Not The Bee's version is A LOT more fun to read.
How to be inclusive for men who are intersex… – what is intersex…? also… is she actually speaking english…? It sounds like a poor version of the gibberish I learned as a kid….
How DARE you say ‘this summer', or ‘this winter'? – Don't you know that that is evil in new speak?!? It leaves someone in the world out of the loop!
Christian teacher suspended after declaring: ‘won't affirm that a biological boy can be a girl, and vice versa' – He feels he would be lying to his students by teaching them the new gender thing.
Rugrats Reboot – My once upon a time favourite kids show has joined the ‘gone woke go broke' community. They have taken the strong feminist character, mom of the twins, and made her a lesbian. -_-;; Just how did she even get prego without her mousy husband that was there before…? Also – the ‘updated animation' – It looks like shit.
The Woke Agenda
The World of Finances
The Roaring 20's
This essay beautifully links the similarities between now and the 1920's – though I don't think the writer realized this. “in this decade… agitated by race and immigration… once Americans got pulled into the fads and trends, the issues of the progressivists of the decade before attempted to address, saw no substantial conversation had on the matters they accurately deemed important… absense of focus on the underlying issues left America wide open to relapse once again into tradition…”
Fantastic essay.
I can't help but see our current war on tobacco to be nearly the same as the war on alcohol that we went through in the 1920's.
Mandela Effect
The 2030 Countdown
The 2050 Countdown
Time for a Laugh
LOL!!! This is TOTALLY awesome!!! – This is bloody brilliant! White girl says white boys are bad, and that she doesn't want them. Only wants black men. Than she gets trolled by a bunch of non-white boys. lol!
Impression of Jordan Peterson that has been approved by the man himself – always love it when the people being imitated approve of the imitation! makes it all that much better. 😄
Worry about our food supply
Crazy weather Grand Solar Minimum
The Great Reset
Jordan Peterson doing an interview with Yeonmi Park – this interview is just over 2 hours long. Yeonmi wrote a book about living in North Korea, and was invited to this interview because of it. She talks about living in north Korea, experiences she had, lack of knowledge learned – She likens North Korea to Hunger Games, and from her explanations it sounds like an accurate comparison.
This may be funny, but also shows an agenda to remove the current republican party and ‘restructure' them to the power that be's preference. The way he said this is idiotic, but it seems most people are missing the part where he states that the republicans must be replaced….
No Agenda – Moe Factz links
Space stuff
Time travel and other strange stuff
Canadian Financial news
Canadian News
BC News
They have a plan to fix the Rona
Canadian Censorship
Censorship in General
BitChute Bites The dust
USA news
World News
Apparently, universities are right-wing institutions. According to a prof there. And this was in TeenVogue…. ugh….
Found Not the Bee version of this, MUCH more entertaining of a read!!
Coppers going nuts!
Fun & Crazy
Police dog bit the cow, Officer tased the dog, Cow kicked the officer. – South Carolina sure does have entertainment going on!
Interesting History
World Insanity
Cyberattack Forces Meat Producer to Shut Down Operations in U.S., Australia
Health Concerns
Rona Gonna get you
The Bee
Local Christian Parents Pay University $100,000 To Totally Destroy 18 Years Of Their Hard Work
Not The Bee
Bit long, watch on your own time , but the best phrases are written out by the bee – Bill Maher defending Israel – It seems so upside down to be seeing all these issues that are cropping up – and yet it is a nearly identical repeat of a hundred years ago…. Humans are doomed to repeat history.
Every country that the Jewish people ran to for safety are now turning on them. – USA (NY, LA, Michigan mostly), Canada, EU – Germany is also turning on them.
So much for Canada actually giving a shit eh?
Misogyny is coming back with a force!!  – Though they are doing it through “acceptance, kindness, and tolerance”. (lol!)
BLM supporting Palestinian Liberation – Doesn't seem like a great thing to me….
ANTIFA… they seem to be empowering Facism… – At least that is how it appears to me – and it seems to many others as well. Doxing and getting people fired due to them stating their opinions does not seem to me like a fight against fascism, but instead a full and open practice of it.
The Digital Tracking Age
In Other news
Websites for informationn
Global Warming News Site
Scammers Gonna Scam
The big weekly email scam I see.
Global Warming News Site

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