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Episode 25 of Shooting The Shit at the Rogues Tavern
Tavern Talk June-15-2021
Come on in out of the dark, settle down by the fire, have a drink and fall down some rabbit holes with us
Create Your Destiny
Helping you prepare what will you need to survive the upcoming calamities.
The Storm is coming and you need to prepare for what it will bring. Solar storms, Colder Weather, The New Normal, Mandela Effect, Prepare for Your Future NOW
As it was in the old west The Saloon/Tavern was the center of the community where everything got done.
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Show covers #currentevents all types of #homesteading from cooking to urban farming and gardening. We will be talking about the future of what The Rogues Tavern is and will become. We will be talking about cooking recipes what will be available at website and more..
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Our agenda is to talk about about how to protect you and yours in the coming years of trial that we are faced with.  You can read all the complete show notes at The Rogues Tavern and they include all the links we talk about during the show and more.
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I want to acknowledge The No Agenda Show the providers of inspiration and stolen sound clips .
Building a #UrbanForrest, Getting out camping, #Hunting trips to the Range and coming home to the city is what I do right now as I plan and create my future. Join me for the Journey into the unknown.
This is a journey I have been on for a while and I feel I need to share it in the hope that others will find some wisdom.
Time for the Spirituality
What if the Bible is not just a history but a warning of the cycles of the planet and since we are living in the conjunction of multiple cycles coming together all at once it is full of warnings.
We got our last episode blocked in North Korea, Syria, Iran, Cuba due to a song on one of the tick toc videos
Today's reading is from Special reading from Isiah ch 30 v 1 – 15
Todays special video
Hike Club for Men
John and Amber's Collaboration
Home Preps
  • Cooking and Recipes
3 Ways to Drink Baking Soda for Better Health
DIY Long-Lasting Energy Bars
How to Make 2400 Calorie Emergency Ration Bars Designed to Feed You for a Full Day
How I Make My Own Cough Mixture
How to Make the Most Powerful Natural Antibiotic
Ingenious Foods People Made During Famines
How To Make Essential Oils At Home | Homesteading Skills
  • Stocking/Storage
The Second Rush of Groceries Hoarding (And What You Can Do About It)
  • Worry about our food supply
Ranchers Sell Off Cattle And Farmers Idle Hundreds Of Thousands Of Acres As America’s Drought Emergency Escalates
  • Crazy weather Grand Solar Minimum
  • Health Prep
Poison Oak vs Poison Ivy and remedy for it – this gives you a basic run down of how to spot poison oak, and how to treat it. Also the symptoms of poison oak.
Medicinal uses for a variety of cone flowers – great site in general to search things up I have found.
Gardening/Urban Farming
  • Planting, Growing, Harvesting Tips
How to make your garden a Lady Bug Paradise! – great little video, and some information on how to identify lady bugs and things.
Chelsea Chop – cutting back perennials for better blooms – a great guide on how to better cut back your perennials.
Hand pollinating squash for higher yields and seed saving – a bit of an involved way to get this done, but according what I read here, very much so worth it!
Staying ahead of garden pests – Great article on keeping ahead of typical garden pests. Also gives you a basic run down of how to spot them before they become a problem – very useful.
Lawn care tips – for those of you who like me have no other choice but to have a lawn, and to keep it nice for your land lord. Or for those who like lawns.
Growing Salvia – how to plant, grow and care for Salvia Flowers. Can burn the leaves for scent, but no real other medicinal uses found.
Growing Wisteria – how to plant, grow, and harvest wisteria. No real medicinal uses, but tastes good in salads.
What is well drained soil? – great run down on what well drained soil actually is, and how to properly do it.
Planting Cone Flowers – just a general run down on how to plant, grow, and harvest coneflowers in general.
How to Raise Ducks – The Perfect Survival Livestock
How To Make Aspirin From Willow Bark
  • Edible's found around and about
34 Wild Plants Every Prepper Should Know
Marigolds: Top 11 Uses for the Skin, Eyes and More
Rona Gonna Get Ya
The Great Reset   .   .  .
  • Things showing the emergence of The Great Reset
ANTIFA being compared to the soldiers that fought the nazi's on D-Day – if this isn't the resetting of society, I don't know what is.
Tik Tok is now taking face prints and voice prints when you use it on your phone – yup… everything is fine… no tracking people to remove the trouble makers in order to remake our society….
Remove the weapons, than attack the mass – this is part of the ongoing issue of how to interpret the second amendment in USA.
Gender Fluid Loki premiering on disney plus – 'cause being straight isn't okay. Since when are Norse Gods anything but straight…???
EVERYONE MUST HATE AMERICA!!!! – Especially the young ones. Get 'em young enough right? After all – according to the libs, americaness is one with being white… apparently….
Inflation Is Starting To Get Really Crazy – And It Is Worse Than You Think
9 Signs That Some Of America’s Long-Term Trends Are Starting To Become Very Serious Short-Term Problems
  • Science the new religion
Anyone else notice that there are no Christians speaking out against the current USA administration? Only Scientists… I honestly believe that Scientists are the new preachers – I even find myself inadvertently capitalizing the label Scientist….
Top Doctors warning that wokeness is overtaking the profession – don't speak out against the top preachers! And don't treat white patients…..
  • Other religion
  • Finance stuff
  • Censorship
Andy Ngo is being pushed back against by the main media about how he is on the ground getting proof – here he is explaining why he is still out there, on the ground, despite having been attacked multiple times.
I think they are going to try and shut him up soon though, he's presenting too much proof about ANTIFA and BLM being violent rioters….
Go Woke Go Broke
4-H threw up a rainbow clover and people are NOT very happy about it.
Wall Street Journal Editor states that he really doesn't tend to hire graduates of Princeton, harvard or Yale anymore. Reason for this? “They're too woke, self-important”, or have been trained to say silent when it matters. Good luck finding a job to pay off that fancy school you wokies!
Seattle City Finance Department send – and then defends – all staff email calling cops white supremacists – this pissed off a few of the Seattle Police. Man, they are really trying to remove all police, aren't they? That will be greeeaaaat for the crime rate….
Collaboration on Conspiracy things
  • Mandala Effect
  • Time Travel
  • Other Strange Stuff
Canadian News
Ontario brings forth a new mathematics curriculum, where computer coding will be mandatory – and where when learning graphs they will use it for cell phones, and when learning motion it will be applied to planes and skateboards – this will start in grade 9, this next September.
Trudeau going to G7 meeting – and still they manage to bring in Trump – and apparently Trudeau needs to decide if he will be on the ‘right or wrong side of covid' – whatever that means. Something about giving away canadian doses of the vax to poorer countries…?
U of T latest to make vax's mandatory to return in the fall – this seems like a great way to make sure there are very few students returning.
  • Financial
  • BC News
10 more cases found in BC – we are on the right path officials say. I had such high hopes for BC when this began… but apparently we have the highest amount of vaccine 1st shot's in the world…. le sigh.
Most cannabis samples from the streets no good for selling – here they only found heavy metals and fungi. But I know personally about weed being laced with fentinol on the streets over the past year – I agree that street weed is dangerous to get now – but not because of fungi and heavy metals. I mean, those are bad too – but not as bad as fentinol.
I noticed that there is no more coverage about fentinol – but there is definitely still a lot of people dying from taking it unknowingly. It hasn't slowed down at all. Just sort of vanished…
Lockdown renewed for the 33rd time – I wonder if that is significant? It is, yet again, for another 2 weeks.
  • Censorship
The guy who had info on the Clinton-Lynch tarmac meeting who apparently committed suicide, has a book out. Amazing how many people ‘commit suicide' after crossing the Clinton's paths….
Refusal to report mass shooter in Austin 'cause of his skin colour – teaching the mass that censoring yourself for ‘the cause' is right….
AOC talking about how Dem's can't just wish to win the next election – here is the preview of what they are gonna do to make sure that it is not left to chance them winning.
Look at this, and tell me there is no censorship on people's thoughts – soon we will have an actual fleet of thought police on us….
News Around The World (Name the country, than add the link)
Australia – Aussie media apalled by US media's gushing over Biden – this is just awesome to watch.
UK – The queen cuts a cake with a sword – credit where credit is due man! This is awesome! 😀
INDIA – sinkholes that swallow cars whole – just a little unnerving….
USA – Family of 8-year-old killed by ‘armed vigilantes' during BLM protest sues Atlanta – MOSTLY peaceful protests right? This is something that is going to happen more and more I think. I hope that people will eventually wise up to what is actually going on here. BLM is NOT a good thing.
USA WIN – KY judge rules mask orders unconstitutional!! YEA! Better late than never!! This is a sweeping win!!!
Hong Kong – Microsoft Corp. says ‘accidental human error' caused Bing search engine to not show image results for the search term ‘Tank Man'….. yea… human error….
Australia – Police in Victoria ‘crossed a very dangerous and scary line' – this is kind of long, but is very full of important information on how things have been, and are going in Victoria Australia both throughout the lockdown and currently.
USA – In LA a woman just pumping gas was attacked by a random fella without a shirt. He walked up, punched her in the head, and basically beat the shit out of her, than calmly walked back to his SUV and drove off. And people just stood there doing nothing. THIS is an issue we are facing world round – the fear of doing something because we might be cancelled for it. The fear of doing something because of whatever. It's interesting because we are also taught that ‘standing by and doing nothing is as bad as committing the crime yourself' – but that only really seems to apply these days to words.
USA WIN – Christian teacher who was suspended for speaking out against trans has been re-instated – This is a follow up of the story I brought last week (not sure if we got to it on the show or not). He was removed for refusing to accept and teach transgender to the kids, stating that he would be lying and is not willing to lie to the kids. Now, a judge has forced the school to re-instate him. Excellent.
In Other News
Websites for informationn
Global Warming News Site
Time for a Laugh!
Someone seriously bought an “Among Us” McNugget for ONE HUNDRED GRAND – LOL! That takes some kind of special I tells you.
The cicadas are starting to pee – I honestly never thought of that as a thing….
Cop picks up unruly dude like a toddler and removes him – lol!! I suppose if you are going to act like a toddler, expect to be treated as such!
Pansexuality is not inherently biphobic. I love that those two words are not part of my computers dictionary. lol Not the bee makes a good point here – how is The Bee supposed to compete with this?!?
The Photoshop Troll king stikes
John's Beat
Global Warming News Site
  • Deep Dive/Passion subject for the week
  • Digital Tracking Age
  • Scammers Gonna Scam
  • 2030 Countdown
  • 2050 Countdown
  • No Agenda/Moe Factz
  • Interesting History
  • The Bee
10 Most Devastating Impacts Of Homeschooling Your Kids
Amber's Beat
Diversity IS – a magazine to teach us whites how to be more diverse… GET ‘EM YOUNG! This is a SERIOUS problem in my opinion…. And is scary as shit….. – where this magazine comes from.
This sh!t's seriously scary to me reminds me SO much of the n@z! propaganda from back in the day….
I couldn't get all the information from a single site; though through the following list of sites, I was able to provide a rather clearer picture of the way that hitler taught and took over the youth's minds – and it all started with the Teachers Union.
If you take the time to read through these, and look at the pictures – compare them to today. Compare the methodology being used RIGHT NOW to the methodology used by hitler.
And than ask yourself…. what path are we walking right now…? Where will we be by 1930?
Hitler joined a small German Workers Party in 1918; he left the army in 1920, and took over the propaganda; By the end of 1921, he  had a growing nazi party army, and he was taking over.
Look at that time line. Look at the methodology.
Now look at us, in 2021.
  • Deep Dive/Passion subject for the week
Crowder's collection of video's of females perpetrating violence – this is a collage of video's that are just… disturbing. And he makes a REALLY good point – women for the most part DON'T understand the threat of constant violence that men live under, and they tend to lash out because they don't have to worry about anything coming back to them.
Talking with my partner, I realized something – the Boomers Generation initially started this whole ‘don't ever hit a woman' thing – but they started as ‘never hit a woman out of anger'. There was still room for ‘if a woman attacks you, fight back.'
Than the Gen X'ers took this and REALLY ground it deeply into their psyche. Even when Crowder here, who looks like he's a Gen Xer, is talking about lack of accountability and the need to do something when attacked – even he is repeating ‘never hit a woman'.
Than the Gen Yers (Millenials – there are the two sections, y.1 and y.2, I'm of the y.2, the older part) took this, and turned it into ‘never hit a woman. Ever.' and we started getting this issue where women are attacking older men, larger men, weaker men, older women, and weaker women. And they don't expect anything to happen to them – because they are women.
And because Gen X ground this so thoroughly into theirs and everyone elses psyche, women who are 25 and under really don't know violence. They don't really know what it's like to be hit, physically bullied – not really. And those that do are rather few and far between; which I think why we have all these women screaming about words being fists, and how yelling is as much of an attack as using fists.
Gen Zers seem to be trying to change the pattern that was set down – at least the ones I know. They seem to expect that if a woman is attacking a man, than that man has a right to fight back. There is a general consensus that there is no need to go overboard, but that should be both ways. Not just one.
This last bit is just really cute to watch – this girl hasn't thrown a punch in her life I don't think. lol
  • Random Conspiracy stuffs
    • Aliens
    • Space Stuff
Night Sky in June – Awesome star chart for June!
    • Other
Mother of all password leaks – Cyber attacks getting worse!
is this because people are bored and have more time to hone their hacking skills? Because people are more easily able to get the stuff to hack with?
My theory: creating more chaos
  • The insanity of the new ‘right' message
Fat-Phobia is RACIST – yes, you read that aright.
Mother speaks out against NYC School Board about the BS they are teaching – the school board tries to shut her down, but she keeps going and gets her message out there. VERY awesome speech.
– Throughout the speech, I started wondering why they hadn't had her physically removed – than I realized that they couldn't because 1) she is not white. 2) she is female. I think the first and foremost thing is that she is not white. This is why she was able to speak everything without being physically removed. I LOVE this woman! THIS is what I was talking about needing to happen last week.
Video of not much older than a toddler twerking – this has gone viral with the label “We all need this kind of confidence”…. disturbing….
Taking the knee is being bood – now those in charge of games are freaking out and trying to cover their asses, thinking of keeping people from entering stands where they might boo the taking of the knee.
Teaching kids how cotton is cleaned is racist – Teacher pulled out a box of cotton for 8th graders, and passed it around; the point was to show the kids how cotton is cleaned and prepped. A pair of twins took major offence because it was too similar to what the slaves did. I guess send the black kids out so as not to offend them, and just teach the white kids how to clean cotton?
Black people can't be racist – not even when they are calling an asian cop a fu**ing chink. Seems to be a great ‘get out of jail free' card these days – got dark skin? State that black people can't be racist, and than you will get away with murder. Literally sometimes.
Maher compares the college system of never-ending education to Scientology – this is great. Totally worth watching this. 😄
Trans activist says conservatives are trying to dehumanize trans kids, weaponize culture wars through dr. seuss and transgender sports.
Wow… this person keeps going on about how ‘organized' the conservatives are – but everything she is whinging about is actually an issue that is being brought up by the liberals… The only issues being brought to the table by the conservatives are within the sports and the refusal to allow children to get hormone blocking therapy without parental consent.
It's amazing how twisted all this information is in her hands – she brings in science, and history, and mental health, and doctor patient care – but it's all twisted. No wonder people are so bloody confused right now around this topic.
Biden admin uses ‘birthing people' rather than ‘mothers' and there is a lot of fall out. Personally, *I* find ‘birthing people* offensive. No different from calling a breast feeding mother a cow. Ugh.
Homeless man stabs and beats 14 year old for 25 mins – stabs her 25 times – And here is another reason why giving people who are homeless what they want is not really a great idea. This is the issue with putting everyone on the same level – there is no accountability. make people work for what they want – and they will have more respect for others.
  • The Roaring 20's vs today
  • Not The Bee
AWESOME! I haven't liked rap since the 90's – but I remember rap being awesome like what this guy has to offer. 😄 And he's Canadian too! TOTALLY awesome!
Biden saying N***a – something NO ONE ELSE can get away with.
YES! Woman speaks TRUTHFUL LOGIC!! All about ‘reperations'. Love seeing these things!
CREEPY! FREAKING CREEPY!! – and this is on Nickelodeon?!?!? . . .
WHOOPS! Forgot the dudes name the riot is for! – fella in a parked car, who was being arrested for having a gun illegally, pulled a gun on the US Marshalls trying to do the arrest, and was shot dead. But, he was black, so ‘say his name' riots started up – except that the people protesting sorta forgot his name….
Woman gets backlash after whining about her Grandmothers poor living conditions in Puerto Rico – while she herself is wearing designer clothes, and is driving a Tesla. I don't think these people really think…..
Meet Dr. “Rachel” Levine – who is VERY, SUPREMELY, concerned about your mental health…. No thought crimes allowed!
Whiteness is a parasitic condition – at least according to a new paper in the journal of the american psychoanalytic association….
Kamala is being attacked now! about not having been to the border. Uh oh, I think the left is getting a wee bit desperate for people other than biden to attack…. apparently, shes next!
Kids Beat
  • Funnies
COVID vax making people gay – totally true! lol
  • Serious
Kid sent in with the label Still not getting vaccinated
REMOVE THE PRESS! – it does appear to be breaking international law here, yes.
Police take a knee for a random black person – makes me sad. We used to only take the knee for people who had fought and won our freedoms – for people who had honestly spilled blood for our society. Now we are expected to take a knee before a person due to the colour of their skin.
  • Conspiracy
Time Traveler tells us what is to come – we shall see if this is true. 6 humans get super powers…. interesting!

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