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Re-hydrating Sourdough Starter

The History of the starter can be found here.

The Instructions Below will help you get off to a great start with your own batch of The Rogues Starter.

Re-hydrating Sourdough Starter about 72hrs to get fully active.

24gr. Starter

36gr water

Mix de-hydrated starter and water in a mason jar.

Stir every hour or so over the course of about 3 hrs. until is it fully hydrated.


Once fully re-hydrated add the following:

33gr flour

33gr water

Stir well and let sit overnight in warm spot in your house.


Then add another

33gr flour

33gr water

Let sit overnight use a rubber band or a non-permanent marker to mark level on jar. You should see a little bit of growth. This will be very small and may not look like much but you are reactivating the lactobacilli.


Once growth is established add

50gr flour

50gr water

Mark level and let sit overnight. In the morning you should see about doubling in size at this point your starter is now active enough to move to a larger jar and to start using for making sourdough. For the best recipe see The Rogues Tavern Sourdough Recipe.

The Best Damn Sourdough Bread


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