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Surviving The New World Order – Lots of Side Affects here

Surviving The New World Order – Lots of Side Affects here
Getting Ready for the coming future is now more of a challenge than it was. Shortages, prices rising. The jabbed have side affects to face. The world is sideways cats and Dogs Living together. Its just Caos out there. You only have a short time left.  …..
Come on in out of the dark, settle down by the fire, have a drink and fall down some rabbit holes with us.
#nwo, #sideaffects, #greatreset, #preps, #futureisnow
Episode 65 of Shooting The Shit at the Rogues Tavern
Tavern Talk March 15-2022
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Time for the Spirituality
What if the Bible is not just a history but a warning of the cycles of the planet and since we are living in the conjunction of multiple cycles coming together all at once and it is full of warnings.
Today's reading is from Spiritual reading is from:
Ezekiel 38:1-23
Today's special video
Biden is really this dumb
Today's Random Fun Fact
Hike Club for Men
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John's Rant
Well we are here it is time
This video while being well done misses the mark but I guess the leeft can meme after all
And the irony here is just dripping not realingin what they are talkin about when the freedom dies
at 803 there is something very interesting
John and Amber's Collaboration
Gardening/Urban Farming
  • Planting, Growing, Harvesting Tips
Ethylene gas produced by apples will stop potatoes from sprouting
Garden Planning for Preservation: Best Foods to Freeze, Can, Dehydrate and Ferment
  • Random Garden Things
Home Preps
  • Cooking, Canning and Recipes
  • Worry about our food supply
Food Riots have begun in parts of the world
  • Stocking/Storage/Prepps
  • Health Prep
  • Wild Food/Medicines
  • Other Tips
Cool stuff at Mother earth news
Garden templates
Make Your Own Bio-Fuel
Calculating Compression Ratio
Additives, Not Ethanol, Cause Corrosion
Alcohol Can Be a Gas!
  • Crazy weather Grand Solar Minimum and Now Climate Change
Global warming is good for us
Really Cool Things to bring from Amber
What to do if SHTF Happens
Good Night Left Nut
Survival after SHTF
Rona Gonna Get Ya – And The Back Pedelling has begun
BC Gov Info
Grandma did not die and I am upset
9 Pages of side affects in fine print.
  • The hard push
So much soy and virtue signaling
Yup that heart attack is good for you
Oh Dear God it is crazy
  • Backpeddling on the Rona
The Great Reset  .   .  .  Build Back Better   .   .  .
  • Canada Going Full Retard
  • Things showing the emergence of The Great Reset
  • WTF is the new Aenda is it the mRNA
  • History and predictions from the internet
  • Science the new religion (Maybe Covid will be the name of the new god)
  • Other religion
  • Shmita year info
  • Tomorrow Land — Decentraland — The Metaverse
  • Finance stuff
  • Censorship/re-writing of the facts
Go Woke Go Broke
Duck Duck Go… Goes Woke and hopefully broke
The World Shortages
The Amount of Stupid in the World for this to happen
Yup they are this retarded Nuclear war is bad for climate change
Collaboration on Conspiracy things
  • Mandala Effect
  • Other Strange Stuff
Strange findings about Ukraine now I'm searching:
Why is it okay for the Ukraine Military to pull people from their cars and shoot them? – They are stopping people who are leaving, asking for their papers, and if they are Russian (which a lot of people in Ukraine are…) they are simply shooting them. Why is that okay, but honking your big rigs horns is not…?
Boots on the ground report of Ukrainian army bombing… Ukrainian Civilians…? – If this were in USA or Canada, 2 of the countries we are slowly being programmed to hate even while living here, this would absolutely be shown all over and talked about everywhere…. So why aren't we hearing about this over here….?
  • Hopi Blue Star
The Hopi Blue Star Comet known as comet K2
  • Out of Place Artifacts
The kennewick Man
Canadian News
  • Financial
  • Election 2021
  • BC News
News Around The World (Name the country, than add the link)
from Seattle
From France
Vitmin D is now banned
In Other News
Websites for information
Global Warming News Site
Not All Heroes wear capes
Time for a Laugh!
John's Beat
Links to information
Global Warming News Site
  • Deep Dive/Passion subject for the week
  • Digital Tracking Age
Congress mandates anti-drunk driving technology for cars – and this apparently must be done by 2026. Creepy…
  • Scammers Gonna Scam
  • 2030 Countdown
Down some rabbit holes i go This has been privatized and it is a shame since there is such good information here
Three factions for the control of the wold the bankers, the thinkers, the jesuits
2030 Predictions from 1930
  • 2050 Countdown
  • No Agenda/Moe Factz
  • Interesting History
  • The Bee
Amber's Beat
  • Pet Peeve of The Week–Deep Dive/Passion subject for the week
  • Random Conspiracy stuffs
    • Aliens
    • Space Stuff
    • Other
    • Tech stuff
    • Other weird stuff
  • The insanity of the new ‘right' message
  • Fighting against CRT and Over Sexulization! YEA!
  • The Roaring 20's vs today
  • Interesting/well written articles found while scouring the net for info
  • Not The Bee
Kids Beat
  • Tik Toks! – The child has come back with the tik toks with a vengence!

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