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Notes for Episode 22 The Rogues Tavern Talk  – Saloon Talk
Episode 22 of Shooting The Shit at the Rogues Tavern
Tavern Talk May-25-2021
Come on in out of the dark, settle down by the fire, have a drink and fall down some rabbit holes with us
The Box is No Longer Contained.
Helping you prepare what will you need to survive the upcoming calamities.
The Storm is coming and you need to prepare for what it will bring. Solar storms, Colder Weather, The New Normal, Mandela Effect, Prepare for Your Future NOW
As it was in the old west The Saloon/Tavern was the center of the community where everything got done.
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Show covers #currentevents all types of #homesteading from cooking to urban farming and gardening. We will be talking about the future of what The Rogues Tavern is and will become. We will be talking about cooking recipes what will be available at website and more..
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Our agenda is to talk about about how to protect you and yours in the coming years of trial that we are faced with.  You can read all the complete show notes at The Rogues Tavern and they include all the links we talk about during the show and more.
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I want to acknowledge The No Agenda Show the providers of inspiration and stolen sound clips .
Building a #UrbanForrest, Getting out camping, #Hunting trips to the Range and coming home to the city is what I do right now as I plan and create my future. Join me for the Journey into the unknown.
This is a journey I have been on for a while and I feel I need to share it in the hope that others will find some wisdom.
Time for the Spirituality
What if the Bible is not just a history but a warning of the cycles of the planet and since we are living in the conjunction of multiple cycles coming together all at once it is full of warnings.
We got our last episode blocked in North Korea, Syria, Iran, Cuba due to a song on one of the tick toc videos
Today's reading is from Special reading from  Malachi ch2 v 1 to 12
Todays special video
Hike Club for Men
Notes and links Primary show topic
Home Preps, Cooking, recipes
Think outside the box not all skills are in the book.
50+ Survival Uses For Cattails
The Best Prepper Items To Leave As An Inheritance
DIY Gunshot Wound Kit For When SHTF
3 Bug Out Bags (with Pictures)
12 Foods I Keep In My Car At All Times
10 Foods You Should Never Store Together
Oatmeal Recipe's – Oatmeal is both beloved and despised in my house – kid's love it for the first few months of the cold season, but hate it for the last few. So, here's a way to use up any of the leftover oatmeal in your cupboard before it goes too stale!
Gardening, Urban Farming
Making homemade fertalizers out of plants and things! – I can totally see the usefulness here! Now I've got a use for the uneaten spinach that is currently in my fridge…
Natural ways to attack the weeds – with things like hot water, hand held torches, salt, and more!
How to plant, grow, harvest and cure winter squash! – VERY useful article! Takes you from the first to the last step in growing and keeping these delicious things!
How to identify and remove Horn Worms – this even has pictures! Very useful article helping you to make sure you don't accidentally overwinter the eggs in your garden.
Hibiscus types and how to grow it – Turns out, you can use Hibiscus for headaches, aching limbs, coughs and inflammations. I will have to find the info on how to do that.
Nasturtiums – edible and beautiful! Check this out for more info.
Sweet potatoes – Regular potatoes basically grow themselves. But there seems to be a bit more to growing these guys – great ‘how-to' on growing sweet potatoes.
The New Religion of Science
Top 10 Reasons Science Is Another Religion
Science itself is dead, but the word is now a belief so hardcore engrained in us as a society that we don't tend to ask too many questions so long as there is some sort of ‘proof' offered to us, whether those be studies or ‘professionals' standing up to repeat the mantra of the powers that be.
*note: the ‘professional' in the video is continuously shaking her head no throughout her speech. Methinks that her head movements speak truth.*
Other Religion
Deep Dive Subject
Amber to go on about stuff
*note: there is a loud beeping noise in the video, it's NOT your fire alarm, it's in the video!* – Kay, when kids are stepping up to the plate better than the adults, you REALLY know there's something wrong.
Or maybe, it's less that there is something really wrong, and more that these kids are our only hope.
After all, kids CAN be braver, because they don't have anything to lose.
I know that I have a constant worry of putting one foot wrong and having the ministry coming to take my kids away, or putting a foot wrong in the political sector and causing damage to the business I now help run. One can be completely destroyed by not following the mandates – look around at all of the now empty shops. Pay attention to the news, and the amount of people just here in Canada that have been fined and/or arrested, and now have to rely on ‘fight the fines' to keep out of jail.
It pains me to think that we may have to rely on our children to take up this battle for us – but it is possible that we have to for the simple reason that kids have the ability to speak, and the powers that be have proven time after time that they will listen to children over adults. Untaught teens over adults who have earned multiple degrees.
Adults have a lot more to lose than kids, so kids are naturally braver than adults – without even knowing it. I hope that more parents will quietly teach their children to think, and that more of these kids will stand up and fight. I know that there are plenty of adults fighting, but only the kids are being noticed. Perhaps with the parents and other adults being the support for the kids, something will happen for the better.
Slapping a kid for not wearing a mask. – that's what we have come to. It may seel ‘alright' 'cause the guy was arrested, though bonded out of jail. But really, it's not ‘alright'. Kids are being screamed at, taunted, verbally and emotionally abused, being forced to conform even when they are basically immune naturally.
To connect this to the previous ranty bit, it's no wonder these kids are standing up and fighting. They haven't been abused from birth for the most part, and do not like what they are experiencing, and since they don't like it, are not used to it, they are not taking it.
From the kids!!
essentially a buy cats commercial. lol!
Canadian attempting to order coffee in USA. lol DID have something like this happen to me when I was in the USA years ago.
Two thieves! – Beautifully done. lol
Pokemon – I think the kids sent this to me more as a request rather than for the show, but up here it goes.
BABY DOLL MAN!! – Creepy yet entertaining. lol
Scent of Provinces – I think the kid has sent this in before, can't remember. So, here ya go!
Feminism – the worst thing that ever happened to women!
Canadian fella's opinion on Trudeau. lol
So true. lol! I'm sure the kidlet sent this into me as a point of pride. 😀
kids sent in stuffs – not funny, but interesting
THIS is what the kids are getting in school this week. They both wanted me to see it and wanted to make sure I put this up on the show tonight.
Canadian info via tik-tok – the kid standing over my shoulder watching to avoid schoolwork on anti-racism informed me that the teachers seem to be taking special care to avoid teaching/talking about the Canadian Charter of Rights, and that she is learning her rights through videos like this. On Tik-Tok. woooowwwwww……
Mass world protest – not sure what they were protesting, but interesting.
Continuation of this guys last warning to Canada that the kid sent in – he's got some good points.
“Just walking across the border” – cause they are bucking the system. Ah Ford. About as reliable as the car's are these days.
Kids random conspiracy  stuff and random things
Amber's general conspiracy/random things.
Sent into Amber
The insanity get worse
If Everything Is Going To Be Just Fine, Why Do The Shortages Just Keep Getting Worse?
Thoughts On The “New Normal” And The Things That We Are Losing As A Society…
The Woke Agenda
Why the woke agenda fails
THIS is just special – FB are censoring those who appear to be vaccine hesitant – I guess that means anyone who they don't like.
There's even different Tier levels….
After seeing this, my daughter asked “are they going to outlaw guns in the military?” lol! After seeing this, I honestly wouldn't be surprised. After all, all those kind of people seen in the cartoon protest were the kind of people that don't like guns.
This is great – I especially like the comparison to the 1933 article about the lack of starvation under the soviet union.
Lightfoots refusal to see any reporter not black is causing some serious issues in the world – but I suppose since the lady herself is black, it will just continue to be ignored by the powers that be.
Lady shows the world how she is making sure her ‘white male child' does not grow up to be ‘awful'. Really, I think THIS is kind of awful…. I guess like hitler said – get them young enough!
WAPO WAPO WAPO – tell me you didn't just think of pac-man by reading that. lol – this is an article about how women are (apparently) grieving the loss of masks, because “men will start telling women to smile again”. That is LITERALLY the headline!
Jim Henson Company makes a call-our for everyone except white straight males. – little off of the ‘everyone included' bandwagon eh?
BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE ARE BAD!! AND EVIL!! – Or so they would have you beleive – along with the idea that if you are white, you are evil.
Whoops! forgot to follow the rules she made!! – and she can just say “well, we were all vaccinated so we didn't think about it”, and it seems to A-Okay with the powers that be. Ah, such a luxury!!
The World of Finances
The Roaring 20's
Mandela Effect
The 2030 Countdown
The 2050 Countdown
Time for a Laugh
When you see it! Mind you, I didn't. I totally cheated and looked it up. Here is the cheat.
Belgium’s anti-lockdown ‘Rambo’ facing terrorism charges, TRACELESS for 5 days while several countries join manhunt efforts
Worry about our food supply
Crazy weather Grand Solar Minimum
2021 Hurrican Season Forecasted to be above-normal via Farmers Almanac. This is a great article on it.
Pre-Columbian America was plagued by decades-long megadroughts
The Great Reset
This may be funny, but also shows an agenda to remove the current republican party and ‘restructure' them to the power that be's preference. The way he said this is idiotic, but it seems most people are missing the part where he states that the republicans must be replaced….
No Agenda – Moe Factz links
Space stuff
BLOOD MOON TOMORROW!!!! – SO many things going on with the planets and the sun!! Eclipses, super moons, blood moons….. So cool!!
Time travel and other strange stuff
Canadian Financial news
Canadian News
Ontario now handing out tickets for shaking hands – wow. Even our American neighbours are cringing at this….
BC News
Canadian Censorship
USA news
Chicago had 55 more shooting with 11 lost lives over this last weekend. – So how's the lack of police force going I wonder?
World News
Apparently, universities are right-wing institutions. According to a prof there. And this was in TeenVogue…. ugh….
Found Not the Bee version of this, MUCH more entertaining of a read!!
Coppers going nuts!
Fun & Crazy
Police dog bit the cow, Officer tased the dog, Cow kicked the officer. – South Carolina sure does have entertainment going on!
Interesting History
World Insanity
A New Supercycle is Coming
Can I Continue To Have Sex With My Boyfriend's Brother Even Though My Boyfriend Wants Me To Stop, And Other Advice Column Questions
Health Concerns
Rona Gonna get you
WPTavern discusses vax stats requirement – Heads up if you are wanting to join a WordCamp in person, you may be required to give your private medical information, stating whether or not you have had the vax. Not cool in my opinion.
Canada covid stats
Cali gone crazy
The vaxxaine is so good they ahve to pay you to get it
Fauci NOW believes that there is a need to investigate China for the virus – he NOW figures out that it may not have been made naturally. A little behind the lot of us, isn't he?
The Bee
Not The Bee
Every country that the Jewish people ran to for safety are now turning on them. – USA (NY, LA, Michigan mostly), Canada, EU – Germany is also turning on them.
So much for Canada actually giving a shit eh?
Misogyny is coming back with a force!!  – Though they are doing it through “acceptance, kindness, and tolerance”. (lol!)
NO FLYING FOR YOU!! – …since your 3 YEAR OLD might remove his mask.
Too many questions for the guy to handle stealing the bus!! – lol!! This guy stole the bus, tried to drive home, got asked too many things by younger kids, and kicked them all off the bus. This is actually quite a hilarious story!
BLM supporting Palestinian Liberation – Doesn't seem like a great thing to me….
ANTIFA… they seem to be empowering Facism… – At least that is how it appears to me – and it seems to many others as well. Doxing and getting people fired due to them stating their opinions does not seem to me like a fight against fascism, but instead a full and open practice of it.
Biden driving fake car??? – Honestly, who really cares? Not the Bee brought up a really good point – it's not so much whether or not he was driving a fake car, but more so about the way that the M5M reacted to the accusations. Why the HUGE response team for this? If it had just been let go, there would be a lot less fuss about the whole thing – Really, it just rather confirms my opinion that he is on the same path as my grandfather was to the end of his road.
Christian University now forcing hardcore believers to share dormitories with opposite sex – yea, this should go over greeeaaaaat…. Though it might…. Let's see what happens.
11 year old cites Law and Order as the reason she was able to help catch an attempted kidnapper – honestly, this kid should get a medal or something. Totally awesome! Guess TV can teach us some things. 🙂
The Digital Tracking Age
In Other news
Websites for informationn
Global Warming News Site
Scammers Gonna Scam
The big weekly email scam I see.
Global Warming News Site

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